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Create free polls and surveys in seconds. Share your surveys and polls on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Email, SMS, iMessage, forum, blog, post and more. SurveyMonster is a free poll and survey maker app. It offers variety of templates with advance features to create quick polls. This polling app is a right solution for creating poll on WhatsApp, quizzes, questionnaire, Social Voting App, Politics Poll, Casual voting, Audit Surveys and Customer Feedback Surveys.

Collect the opinion of the people from Surveys and Polls.

Listen the opinions of the people who matter most. Ask your audience's opinions, choices, feedback and ratings in three simple steps.

Create a questionnaire by adding a question and its answer options to vote. Set the different settings like allow single vote or multiple votes, share results with friends, Survey start and close date etc.

Share your survey with your users on WhatsApp and social media at a click of button.

Voters can easily vote by going to the link of the question and selecting an answer. Or simply by scanning the survey QR code.

Realtime Poll and Survey results.

πŸ“Š Real-time voting made easy. Interact and analyze your results in real-time. Review vote results using bar chart, donut charts, vote count and data analytics etc. Export polls voting data into .CSV file.

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variety of templates
Variety of templates for every survey
  • Pre-made templates for every occasion and type of polls and surveys
  • Templates save time and drive rewarding opinion and outcome
  • Provide multiple options for user to answer
  • Ask direct opinion in the form of Yes/No, Agree/Disagree, Good/Not Good etc.
  • Ask customer to Rate or feedback along with Rating
  • Simply ask voter to provide input or direct answer
Strong features makes it a powerful poll app
  • Ask Voters Name, Email or Phone Number.
  • Allow single or multiple votes.
  • Share results with voters or not.
  • Share results securely with pin.
  • Personalise your poll.
  • Personalised Branding: Set your own brand logo.
  • Personalised Branding: Set your own 'Thank You' message.
  • Personalised Branding: Redirect to your own website post vote.
  • Control your survey and poll by setting your own start and end date.
Powerful Platform with Tons of Features
Realtime Response Updates
Realtime survey results
  • Analyze surveys and polls voting responses quickly with help of chart and graph.
  • View real-time voting responses at your comfort right from the mobile app.
  • View all response stats.
  • Responses are organized based on template type.
  • Outcome drive direct input to your research.
Data analytics, various charts and download to CSV
  • View Complete poll statistics such as Name, Email, Phone Number, Comments etc.
  • Order wise voting history for your surveys and polls.
  • Export votes to .csv in just one single click.
  • Bar chart, donut chart, word cloud etc.
Data Analytics and Download to CSV
Platform Independent
Platform independent. Vote from anywhere.
  • It works on all platform - iPhone, Laptop.
  • Users can vote by simply clicking it's unique link from any platform or
  • By simply scanning unique QR code from any phone.
  • Start Voting!
Share your surveys and polls on WhatsApp and more
  • Many ways to share surveys with your voters
  • Share on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS, iMessage, forum, blog, post.
  • Limit access to your survey and poll results.
  • Protect your survey and poll results with a passcode.
  • No account required for voting.
Share and Vote from Anywhere
Survey Dashboard from My Account
Survey dashboard
  • Provide complete view of all your polls and surveys at one place.
  • Active-Inactive feature provide full control.
  • Change surveys or polls settings.
  • View vote responses or number of votes.
Personalise your polls with your own brand.
  • Remove SurveyMonster branding.
  • Set your own branding for your poll.
  • Thank your voters with a personalised message.
  • Redirect the voter to your website after voting.
Personalise your polls and surveys with custom branding
Active-Inactive and Many More Settings
Control a Live-Survey. Active-Inactive and many more.
  • Control your live poll status to active or inactive at any time.
  • Change Name or Phone number to mandatory to vote.
  • Get the unique QR code at your finger tip for your survey.
  • Complete view of your poll and survey.
SurveyMonster CUSTOMER Says

Best surveys app in the market for polls. I am using it to get opinions from my colleagues and friends. It's the most quickiest way create a poll and to connect with my friends to get their feedback and choices on WhatsApp in no time.

SurveyMonster Customer
Dr. Navneet Kumar

My friends just love QR scan feature. It's not only make super easy to respond to any poll but also sharing the QR code. Voting graphs are instant. Infact it's so much fun seeing the response graph changing in real time as my friends are responding.  

SurveyMonster App Customer
Kelly Myers

Amazing app in its class setting up surveys. You can use it for many stuff especially some education polls and survey and much more such as #Live polls showing resuls at no time. Very friendly app which makes the poll so easy and useful with lot of fun.

Dr. Arvind Kumar
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